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Additive Free Beef
From tender steaks, roasts and fine lean ground beef you will find the variety to fit your family.
Terrific seafood  
Fine Spiral Ham & Chops
Sausage (The real kind)

Better foods to appreciate
We provide the finest variety of meats of all kinds as well as a variety of groceries that you can store.  
All meats are additive free & Locally Raise in Ohio
All meats are cut and wrapped any way you choose.  
Choose from our fine home-made brats, Italian, hot Italian, lean ground pork, hot hickory smoked, or Bob Evans selections. Don't forget the bacon.
Sometimes easy meals like burgers or hot dogs work. Let us make the patties for you (free).
Your freezer is filled & organized the way you like it.  All of our customers smile this way.
A small sample of our brands.  We can fill your pantry with you choice of canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, pasta items, soups, cooking oil, natural sugar and more.  
Our french fries and onion rings are fabulousand just like homemade.
We carry the brands that you love and trust.
We have recently added some terrific new items
INCLUDING Turkey Burgers, Salmon Patties, Pepperoni Hot Pockets, Toaster Strudels, Egg Rolls, breakfast burritos, and more.
We carry just about anything in this category.  Our poultry is about as natural as you can get.
Fine poultry

If you prefer breaded or fillets we have plenty.  From Cod, Talapia, Salmon, Tuna, or Shrimp, choose your favorite. 
Regardless of what expert is cooking at your house,eating at home is always better.

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SUMMARY OF ITEMS AVAILABLE:Beef (all cuts), Pork (most cuts), Poultry of all kinds, Seafood (wide variety)Vegetables, canned and dry goods, pasta etc &
convenience items, many more items.